Get started

Start by setting up a simple page and post your projects notes, meeting minutes, memos, ideas, or files. Invite your team members to view and edit the content. Watch productivity go up almost immediately.


Build a simple web page with just plain text. Or build a cool looking page with a mashup of file libraries, images, text blocks, background colors, tables, videos, comments, hyperlinks… You name it.


Organize information into dedicated content areas called spaces. A space can have any number of pages. If you don’t like where a particular page sits, move it to a better home in a different Space.


Make sure only the right eyes see the content. Set appropriate access controls so authorized colleagues can edit the pages while others can only view them.

Organize files

Turn Kerio Workspace into your new smart file server. Organize files into file libraries. Upload files of various types and preview them right from the browser. Browse the revision history of of any file. Need to send a huge file to a colleague? Send a link instead; it’s a right click away.

Edit files

No need to download before editing a file. Simply click on a file context menu to open the file in your desktop application. Edit the file with all the comfort of its native application. Once you close it, the file will automatically update the original file. How? Kerio Workspace Client will do the trick.

Activity feeds

Review changes as they happen in your favorite spaces and pages. Comment on them, too. Want real-time updates? Subscribe to your favorite pages or spaces and get notifications straight into your inbox. Like social networking, except it makes you more productive.

Encourage teamwork

Have colleagues work with you on content in real time. Make changes to any text authored by other people. Improve the quality of content as you go, all with a great built-in text editor. It’s just like a wiki, only simpler.

Discover content

Type any keyword and Kerio Workspace will give a list of all relevant files, pages, and spaces. Each and every piece of information is searchable.

Retrieve lost items

Undo incorrect changes. Deleted items are never lost, find them and put them back into their original location if you need to.

View on iPhone

View Kerio Workspace on your iPhone. Optimized for the smaller screen, you can read content everywhere the day takes you.


And whatever you do, Kerio Workspace will always backup all data to ensure that you never lose anything.

Directory integration

Link Kerio Workspace to your Active Directory – and your colleagues will have access to Kerio Workspace instantly. And because all they need is a browser, they can securely login from anywhere.

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